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Only God Can Help…..

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Few days ago some of my frnds asked me to join them to treasure island (a mall here in Indore) but i was very unlucky to have my classes from 4:30 pm so was not able to join them they must have had fun there. This also made me notice that commerce students (many of my frnds have taken commerce) dont have to do that much hard work as the science students have to do. Science students have to prepare for so many competitive exams (some ppl i know have filled as many as 8 forms) it haunts them like hell but i guess this is life. ok ok but I still rembember the days when i was in DC and
also remember the days of kota and of my present (or rather past) XII class i feel very lucky that i got all types of people as my frnds whatever they may be
but they never made any kind of problem for me they have really helped me in every walks of life and i was kind of Tension free with them and also i think whatever i have done for them is very little and would love to help them throughout my life. So, remember I told u i would be doing maths, but i ended up doing physics. I am writing all this just to
remember these days of my life and one more thing i didnt got my IIT admit card but checked on the site they have given me MGM medical college as the center some of my frnds in kota got center in jaipur so i am lucky that i have got center in indore only. So as i have not got my admit card i will have to follow the instructions given there. My time table these days is changing like the clothes of actress in any hindi songs but i think i will move on to a stable time table in 1 or 2 days. I am also confused about what to study as only 16 days left for JEE (i dont think i will make it there and if i make it there it would only be the few last rank, thats what i think till now and so what was the point of me going to kota i think i will write it in my another post) and no one knows about the pattern. If questions with multiple answers come then i am dead but if normal objective questions and the essay type questions come then there is some thing i can do. So the time ends here and i think i will study some inorganic now


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March 24, 2006 at 11:43 pm

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History of Kashmir prb goes like this…i’ll jus tell the brief outline…

At the end of WW2, Britain had a huge military debt on India but doesnt have the monetary fund to clear it as its own infrastructure was highly devastated in the war. The only way to clear that was thru some kind of trade and British made this wonderful plan to leave India in an insurgency so that it wud b tended to buy weapons frm the west. Then the proposal for freedom for India came and it was a general truth tht princely stated were given the right either to annex either with any of the partitioned nations or remain independent. This was an awesome strategy to leave as many parts possible of a country and then enjoy the fruits later. Thanx to Sardar Patel thier plan cudnt becum successful.Ok then both India and Pakistan were trying to annex as many princely states as possible. Kashmir was one of the states which wanted independent existence(other 3 wr Bhopal, Hyderabad and Junagarh). Pakistan had an eye on both Junagarh and Kashmir because both were border states. It also didnt want Hyderabad to get it annexed to India and was sending insurgents there in the name of religion.(One unbiased point is that the annexure of Junagarh was on religious basis only). Now Kashmir had more muslims and Pakistan was seeing the success of Sardar Patel and it didnt want to miss the chance with Kashmir so it did an attack with its army in disguise of insurgents. During tht time military of independent states was still unofficially in the British hands. Point to be noted that most of the Indian military was busy in riot affected areas then. They didnt give the mobilisation oreders because they knew that it cud be a fruit bearing issue for them. And Pakistan captured some parts of the Kashmir and in the same time Maharaj Hari Singh signed the annexure statement with India to get military assistance. Point to be noted that most of the Indian military was busy in riot affected areas then. Till the army cud be mobilised, Pakistan captured some parts of the Kashmir. And a line called LOC was made with Nehru making a blunder of agreeing to consensus in Kashmir under UNO which never happened because at some point or other one of the countries backed off of the consensus proposal. India’s argument is that Hari Singh has signed the annexure document so Kashmir is a part of India. While Pakistan doesnt agree to the document because Kashmir is has more muslim population and hence it should be annexed to Pakistan as per the India Independence act. Although as time changed they changed the propoganda to “Freedom of Kashmir” and call the terrorists(Indian perspective) as freedom fighters. Kashmir is a very strategic territory from military point of view. Himalayas there act as a perfect wall. More than a strategic position, it has become an ego issue in these 60 years for both the countries. And no one want to loose its parts as it can create an huge impact on the integrity of the nation. Askai Chin was again a big strategic area which was handed to China by Pakistan in lieu of arms trade. Both Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi got a perfect chance of trading Kashmir with the Pakistani areas captured by Indian militray in 1965 and 1971 respectively. But at that time India was hugely dependent on many countries even for food. (Wheat was imported from US till late 60s). And those countries wanted to sell weapons also which were a big source of income for them. If the issue was solved then there wudnt be any conflict. So the prisoners were just made free and the captured land was given as it is(It is an open fact). The best solution at this date is to make LOC as the International border. Then all the problems wud be solved. Because none of India or Pakistan will part with its peice of Kashmir. More than that both the sides should understand the fact that its all the strategy of west to grow thier economy by keeping us in a war state. Even Russia also wants Kashmir issue to be alive. After the break up of Soviet Union, its economy is highly dependent of arms trade which it does with China, India, North Korea, Cuba, eastern European countries etc. American president sell advanced navy carriers to Pakistan and makes an offer to us for F-16s n F-18s. Its upto the people and government of the both sides to understand that we are not enemy of each other but our common enemy is that which is growing at the cost of us.

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March 20, 2006 at 11:58 pm

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Indore & My Studies

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Check out the following link it makes me proud.
Finally Indore got what it needed from a long time. I
dont know what people think about indore but it is a
very nice place to live thats why it is called “Mini
Bombay” (i wonder when this mini will be removed) but
it has a long distance to go. Well to update u on my
situation i have started studing for my comptetive
exams and think that i am not very much preapered for
it i mean i know almost all the topics but i am not
that much confident in chem specially inorganic,
organic is ok and physical is good just needs a
revision. About phy and maths both r b/w ok and good .
But u need more than good to make it to the best
colleges in india. This is also giving me bit of
tension ya tension to Ankur ( i am writing because of
that only) I never took tension in my life not even in
my X and XII board exam forget about the exams
conducted at schools but got kind of good marks if not
exelent. But i guess this tension will help me do
better as it will force me to study hard but i will
always remember what PM sir told us i quote

“IIT me ho
gaya well n good nahi hua to IIT walo ki kismat”,

sucessful person is not IITian and every IITian is not

but then i guess we have already understood
why he sad that. But how to make it clear to everyone
what to do about this mugup and vomit kind of system
of EDUCATION that is there. I guess that is my tension
or fustration that is there but i dont think i can
control that and to add up to it this stupid net
connection gets disconnected again and again
aaaaahhhhh…… I wanted to come online only for
15min but because of this it took me half an hour to
write this and i guess i have wasted the time doing
things which will not help me at all
neway now i am going away to do some maths

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March 20, 2006 at 11:30 pm

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So it Started to ME……………………..

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hi all of u there

must be thinking another person got added to this Cyber Space

So the story of my coming down to bloging is quite simple and common read a lot of blogs which proved to be toxic. i guess it will take me some time to come up great posts so you will have to wait as this is just the begning………..

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March 18, 2006 at 11:55 pm

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