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Indore & My Studies

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Check out the following link it makes me proud.
Finally Indore got what it needed from a long time. I
dont know what people think about indore but it is a
very nice place to live thats why it is called “Mini
Bombay” (i wonder when this mini will be removed) but
it has a long distance to go. Well to update u on my
situation i have started studing for my comptetive
exams and think that i am not very much preapered for
it i mean i know almost all the topics but i am not
that much confident in chem specially inorganic,
organic is ok and physical is good just needs a
revision. About phy and maths both r b/w ok and good .
But u need more than good to make it to the best
colleges in india. This is also giving me bit of
tension ya tension to Ankur ( i am writing because of
that only) I never took tension in my life not even in
my X and XII board exam forget about the exams
conducted at schools but got kind of good marks if not
exelent. But i guess this tension will help me do
better as it will force me to study hard but i will
always remember what PM sir told us i quote

“IIT me ho
gaya well n good nahi hua to IIT walo ki kismat”,

sucessful person is not IITian and every IITian is not

but then i guess we have already understood
why he sad that. But how to make it clear to everyone
what to do about this mugup and vomit kind of system
of EDUCATION that is there. I guess that is my tension
or fustration that is there but i dont think i can
control that and to add up to it this stupid net
connection gets disconnected again and again
aaaaahhhhh…… I wanted to come online only for
15min but because of this it took me half an hour to
write this and i guess i have wasted the time doing
things which will not help me at all
neway now i am going away to do some maths


Written by Ankur

March 20, 2006 at 11:30 pm

Posted in Indore, kota, Life

2 Responses

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  1. excellent especially IIT WALON KI KISMAT


    March 31, 2006 at 9:07 am

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