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Few days ago some of my frnds asked me to join them to treasure island (a mall here in Indore) but i was very unlucky to have my classes from 4:30 pm so was not able to join them they must have had fun there. This also made me notice that commerce students (many of my frnds have taken commerce) dont have to do that much hard work as the science students have to do. Science students have to prepare for so many competitive exams (some ppl i know have filled as many as 8 forms) it haunts them like hell but i guess this is life. ok ok but I still rembember the days when i was in DC and
also remember the days of kota and of my present (or rather past) XII class i feel very lucky that i got all types of people as my frnds whatever they may be
but they never made any kind of problem for me they have really helped me in every walks of life and i was kind of Tension free with them and also i think whatever i have done for them is very little and would love to help them throughout my life. So, remember I told u i would be doing maths, but i ended up doing physics. I am writing all this just to
remember these days of my life and one more thing i didnt got my IIT admit card but checked on the site they have given me MGM medical college as the center some of my frnds in kota got center in jaipur so i am lucky that i have got center in indore only. So as i have not got my admit card i will have to follow the instructions given there. My time table these days is changing like the clothes of actress in any hindi songs but i think i will move on to a stable time table in 1 or 2 days. I am also confused about what to study as only 16 days left for JEE (i dont think i will make it there and if i make it there it would only be the few last rank, thats what i think till now and so what was the point of me going to kota i think i will write it in my another post) and no one knows about the pattern. If questions with multiple answers come then i am dead but if normal objective questions and the essay type questions come then there is some thing i can do. So the time ends here and i think i will study some inorganic now


Written by Ankur

March 24, 2006 at 11:43 pm

Posted in Life

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  1. well.. i read it late.. but yeah i kno u ll get in2 a good college.. no matter wat.. n as far as treasure island is concerned.. u can rest in peace, i mean izz not tat u wudnt hav enjoyed.. frens make it livelier anetime… but da place is like haj.. i mean da mohmedans 1s .. or da sinhastha held in ujjain… where u keep on searchin 4 da place 2 stand… i hope u get good colls,, n i also hope indore gets new malls asap…


    April 12, 2006 at 9:39 pm

  2. well, i think u r 2 good at expressing ur own matter u couldn’t end up wid ur frnds…u can b wid them after the results… much much happier.
    i hope u really get through manipal or aieee…
    all da best


    April 13, 2006 at 12:36 am

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