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My Dream Mobile Phone

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Hands on experiance
If u don’t know what it is you should seriously die
It is O2 Xda exec or Imate JASJAR and i got my hands on it he he
It all started yesterday when I was at Akash’s place arnd 4:00 pm and one of my frnd rang me
My frnd:- “kahan hai yaar” Me :- “ek dost ke yahan”
My frnd:- “Saari exams finish ho gai”
Me :- “haan”
My frnd:-“To ab ayega”
Me :-“kyoun nahi. Bata kahan mile”
My frnd:- “Abe tereko ek baat batani hai, maine O2 exec le liya”
Me(puzzeled) :-“Kya le liya”
My frnd:- “abe O2 exec”
Me :-“sach bol”
My frnd:- “abbe haa, dekhna hai to aa ja Beans par aaj”
Me :- “kyoun nahi 5:30 tak ayonga”
My frnd:-“theek hai”

I went there and found that it was truth i was feeling like “what the hell” i am holding O2 exec in my hands. about the set it was heavy arnd 300g but worth it the screen was bigger then O2 Xda II Atom and the images taken were also nice with all functionality it surely is a head turner he he. Well lets see if i am able to review it ne way we enjoyed a lot there. The images
O2 exec from frontO2 exec from backO2 execO2 execO2 execO2 exec


Written by Ankur

May 23, 2006 at 10:02 am

Posted in Life, Special

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