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So finally my TV Tuner is working

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Yes was having trouble with my TV Tuner card (pinnacle PCTV 50i) from a long time the first prb was of a slot for the card i have a PCIe Graphics Card and because of its fan my one PCI slot was not usable and my TV Tuner was not fitting in the last slot so i had to remove the modem and insert my card at that place done with this i was exited coz it will soon start and then i moved on to next part connecting the cable bought some 20ft cable and connected it from TV to my room but then found it was too short tried it from other room again was short so had to buy another 20ft cable connected both of the cable now connected it to the slot at the back and was ready to go i connected the power plug of my PC in to the socket and notice a spark i quickly removed the plug was wondering why that happened so i double checked all the connections and tried again again i noticed a spark and this time the lights dimmed too . Was scared so i decided to remove the TV cable and try again and it worked. Now i was puzzled y is this happening to me what wrong have i done i checked the TV Cable every thing was ok then it came to me lets see where the sparks takes place so again i inserted the plug and i noticed that it was from the upper most earth pin. Being an INDIAN i was thinking an INDIAN solution for the problem then it somehow came to me that i can use a three plug here by removing the upper pin from it between the plug and the socket and it worked. so rest will be said by the images here it goes

TV Tuner
TV TunerTV TunerRemote

Slot problem
Modem and Tv tuner1 more slot occupied my grafix card

Remote sensor
Remote SensorRemote Sensor WRT Monitor

The Trick
The Trick

Watching TV
Running Discovery ChannelRunning Disney ChannelDisney Channel

New way to watch TV (will help a lot during Matches)
New way to watch TV


Written by Ankur

June 1, 2006 at 10:09 pm

Posted in Life, Special

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