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It has all started again

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It has all started again

Originally uploaded by Ankur Shrivastava.

Again going to class, again solving sheet and again these MESS FOOD !!!!!!!!! Isnt that already enough but i guess ne average student has to face all these and things will only worsen with time. I really dont understand the type of educational system that is there, was does a person have to study all the subjects when he wont be using ne thing of that in rest of his/her life anyway let it be like that coz even a change wont be able to ease me up at this time. So what now nothing new i have to solve these sheet and DPP as they will be discused in the class on monday so bye and a good message that deep sent me

ek kahani suni thi sau afsane sune the kisi ke damakte husn ke kai fasane sune the,chand me unka chehra dekha aftab me wo roop sunahra dekha hawaon me unki khushboo dekhi fizaon me unka jaadoo dekha,dekha hai unki mastani nazron ka wo behkata suroor suna hai unke labo se apne hi husn ke nashe me doobe rehne ka guroor ye kaisa nasha hai kaisa hai yejaado kyun dharakta dil ho raha hai bekaboo saanse thaam kar baithe hain hum ye dil thaam kar baithe hain hum

ab to kah do kyun ho tum itnee haseen ki tumse hi ishq kar baithe hain hum……


Written by Ankur

July 4, 2006 at 10:40 pm

Posted in Life

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