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So a sunday again but m not happy with it because of two things 1) we are given a lot of work to do. 2) time is running out so fast it seems like it was only yesterday when i went to Chawani for the ATM as i had to give the room rent around 5th but didnt go to the ATM for that hey!!!!!! wait a min it was yesterday only (scratches his head and continues to write) leave it. So some information that i have got from my friends is that 3 (info that i have got so far) of my friends are going to IIT this year they are Prince (IIT DELHI), Prateek (IIT DELHI)and Anupam (IT Bhu); Shivam going to IIIT Hedrabad; some people going to different NITs some to other deemed universities (like Manipal etc) and some going to USA (mainly mishigan state universitie). about commerce students Nikhil missed out Shriram (dont know the exat name) but got into Hansraj (he got 94% in XII), some went to Symbiosis and many other people joining DCBS and other good colleges. Jaspreet and Rohit are going to become pilot but there are also people who have taken drop because they were not getting GOOD colleges but i guess there is none from commerce insted some science people are joining commerce colleges . So how does it feels seeing all your friends enjoying in college ??? Well answer is that i dont feel bad or good but i feel ok its life and one cant have everything in it so enjoy till you have one, who knows what happens tomorrow. But one thing is for sure if i dont finish the work that i think will be given tomorrow i will again have a hell lot of work to complete next sunday so bye

ok i admit i was getting bored so wrote this hehehe


Written by Ankur

July 9, 2006 at 1:19 am

Posted in Life

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