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I really feel like i am in Rajasthan

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I really feel like i am in Rajasthan

Originally uploaded by Ankur Shrivastava.

Woke up today at around 9am only to notice that it was really cloudy and line of humid and felt it could rain ne moment, was also happy coz it was a sunday and no extra class was there, but by noon i realised something was wrong, there was no supply of water all over Kota, everyone was confused about what to do but we were told that water will come by evening and in evening mess was off so we went to a near by shop and had some baked samosa’s and milk. He told us that there wont be ne supply of water till tomorrow. Thinking it to be a rumour we bought Maggie and returned to our hostel only to find that no water was there, we were still waiting for water. But this was not enough and the when it became dark lights went out. The coolers were already not working because of no water. Thank god we were having inverter in our rooms. Having finished all the water we had to drink, some people decide to bring mineral water bottles from shops just then aunty came to our resque with some water bottles with her and told us that water cooler has been filled and a water tanker will come tomorrow just in case water does not come tomorrow also we were kind of happy and straight went to make maggie. After having that delicious maggie and having filled our stomach we drank all the water we had and went to water cooler for some water to our surprise we noticed that the water was not fit for drinking it was looking yellow when collected in bottles and then the inverter also died.was feeling like what the hell? So now we were left in dark decide to go upstairs and get the view of the night sky (have already told you it was cloudy and it remained so for the whole day) its now around 12 and we are standing here talking about things, solving questions (above picture) and waiting for electricity to come (i was getting bored so wrote this and good knows whats wrong with my cell its date changes to 13th now and then)

its 12:30 lights came and m going to sleep, with my water bottle 1/3rd filled and one 1/2 litre Mountain Dew bottle half filled (which is safely hidden for every one) i dont think i have to worry much. Lets see what do i do tomorrow morning ne way m off to sleep

good night 😉


Written by Ankur

July 17, 2006 at 1:23 am

Posted in Life

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  1. gud!! haha enjoy


    July 17, 2006 at 10:39 am

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