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Me and my India

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Me and my India

Originally uploaded by Ankur Shrivastava.

The title of my post may seem strange to you but yes its really a thing i want to discuss about.

From as far as i can remember it always came to of that what the hell is wrong with Pakasthan that it is spreading terror in India, as i grew up i started to understand the problem between them the problem may or may not be genuine for you but it is for me i still dont understand the real problem that is there because i m unaware of many of the facts just like you people. Anyway what i want to tell you is that India is facing this forced war from half a century after so many defeates it ( Pakasthan ) has still not learnet the lesson that it just cant defeat India whatever it my try to do or maybe it has learnet it thats why its fighting a proxy war with using terrorism as its support and again trying to divide India saying that India divided it in 1971 bangladesh war, the war which is one of the biggest victory any country in history of the world. What is the problem with america (Usa) which considers itself as the supreme don of the world (well its afraid of india and china as the rising world powers 🙂 ) interfering in the matter which it denies but every one knows what its doing (selling F-16 to Pakasthan). The policy of US is a kind of policy that i think i will never understand it.

Few days ago there were blasts in local trains in Mumbai in which (as said by the media) involvement of Pakasthan was there, which US kind of denies and asks India to continue talks (one sided peace process) with Pakasthan. I simply ask ‘What was the way in which US reacted when 9/11 struck it ??????????????’ did it go for some talks or peace process, what happened to the so called motive of the US to maintain peace and stability of the world. Then why should not India follow US. India has always been a peace loving country it has never attacked or went on war with a country unless forced to do so and it never will but it surely is being pushed and i dont know what will happen if these kind of things increase. Well the reaction of the masses at the time of Varanasi blasts proved that in future india will no longer remain a country which could be divide on religious basis and then that would be the real ‘India Shining’.


Written by Ankur

August 4, 2006 at 5:25 pm

Posted in Life

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