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A really really strange and long post (and random too!!!)

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A really really strange and long post (and random too!!!)

Originally uploaded by Ankur Shrivastava.

So finally rains have started here and its raining quite heavely, one thing i have noticed it always rains when i have to go to the evening class and as soon as the class begins the rains stop its almost a week now like this and to add to that there is a problem of water getting filled on the roads during rains which would make it impossible to go ne were dry. Well enough of rains well independence day has just passed and i was surprised to find that peoples life were just like a sunday i no were heard those good old patriotic pooh that i used to hear generally on Independence or Republic day but heard good numbers from new movies being played by people at full volume and he that was not enough i found no shops selling the INDIAN Flag. This makes a point clear that if participation of people is not increased in there events they will loose their charm and would just become like a Sunday. Well sunday reminds me of the last sunday we had all our Tuesdays class on the last sunday because of tuesday being 15th august so it was also a type of pain but the pseudo sunday (read 15th august) made some difference but it rained cats and dogs here and for the first time in so many hears there were huge and bright lighting in the sky.

Hey wait a minute i just remember this is my 100th post so i have finally completed a century but still the stats are not good but how can i expect my stats to grow when m posting so less and that to irrelevant to most of the people. I still remember the days after the IIT and AIEEE exams were over those were the best days of my life so far (till the results were not out 😉 ) i really enjoyied those days sitting in front of the computer all day except when some of my friends decided to go/meet somewere. Installing and trying every Linux Distro i got my hands on and finally deciding for UBUNTU or Fedora Core 5 but installing UBUNTU after finding Fedora Core 5 Cds are not avalable and then finding it so cool. Man those were days but what now see how life has changed and now that i m having UBUNTU 6.06 installer Cds kept at my home i can not install it or run it or even see it.

Now coming to the normal stuff got the rank and m not at all satisfied with it though its better then what i had thought and also people saying to me thats not a bad rank if we see it as a first test but still !!!!!!!!. Ok so i also have another big problem i have a class at 7:30 am in which am almost late every day i enter just before the teacher is about to enter well its not every day only 3 days in 1 week and let me tell you that i dont have ne kind of problem in waking up in the morning its just that i m able to sleep properly i generally sleep around 2-3 am and to reach the class i have to wake up by atleast 7 am and m being a person who can never sleep in the afternoon m just not getting enough sleep but i guess i will change my time table to squese a bit more time for sleep so that i get atleast good 5-6hr. Looks like i have eaten enough of your brain i will now stop so bye ppl C ya


Written by Ankur

August 17, 2006 at 7:14 am

Posted in Life

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  1. paka diya yaar!


    September 5, 2006 at 3:12 pm

  2. maaf kar do yaar galti hogai


    September 5, 2006 at 5:03 pm

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