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well well m finally home a m loving it. i am enjoying again and have also got improved rank from the previous one so all in all m happy. met some of my pals after a long time and had looooods of fun with them :d and i guess this is just the beginning. don’t worry i will upload the pics soon so what have i done in these 2 days well first i went out with friends for diner on 17th that is and then on 18th oooooo it was TI’s turn went there enjoyed it and well well seems like m on a movie spree now hold your breath at the time of writing this i had watched 11 movies, don’t believe me here is the count
1) Saw II
2) Final Destination I
3) Final Destination III
4) Euro Trip
5) Lage Raho Munna Bhai
6) Cars
7) Garfield
8 ) Garfield II
9) Ice Age II
10) American Pie Band Camp
11) Malamall Weekly

So i Guess i have even defeated Nikhil at Watching movies :-). Well well looking forward to some more movies Like Pirates Of The Caribbean II, Don etc etc OK so what else m i doing xpt watching movies well still a lot of things so today that is 20th oct i went to Parths house along with my computer yaaa we actually dismantled it and assembled it at his house. To have a kind of LAN party well it was fun and was happy to repeat the thing that we used to do when we were in X class.

Hey hey its diwali tomorrow and i still have not bought crackers oooohhh now i will have to roam around just to find the rite quality and price well that’s till now lets see what more life has to offer bye c ya and Happy Diwali
Ankur Shrivastava

PS- want to try Vmware on UBUNTU can some one help me on that


Written by Ankur

October 21, 2006 at 3:51 am

Posted in Indore, Life, Special, Stuff

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