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The Diwali Experiance

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So Diwali went away and my main motive for coming home (officially) ended and i will now be returning but i still have 3-4 days with me so will njoi till i can. Ok and about the crackers and stuff i went yesterday that is 21th at around 4:00 PM to buy the crackers, yes i know it was late but its better late then never hehehe ne way i decided to go to Dushera Maidan as a large no of shops selling crackers were set up there u know the temporary type with bambo’s and Tin sheets. when i went there i found a hell lot of shopkeepers and just half the no. of buyers so u can pretty well make out the situation that was there, after going to every shop and asking the price of all the stuff that i needed there was a huge lightning some type i never ever had seen before which was followed by showers and suddenly the weather became stormy and it rained cats and dogs and there i was standing in front of this shop which was having most of the stuff kept out side. the shopkeeper quickly ran out and started to collect all his stuff and take it inside, some ppl including me which were there came into the shop just to take shelter from the rain and were watching the shopkeepers struggle the rain just to save their stuff and thus their life i don’t know what happened to me i suddenly found myself helping them and all other pll were staring at me i simply wanted to say to them WTH what do u think cant u help this man if these things get wet he’ll be ruined? i gave them an angry look and one of them came forward and helped them, luckily he suffered only a small loss as he told us “sahab mera 70 hazar ka mal tha apne mere bhout madat ki danyawad sahab” it was still raining and he continued to talk he told me that he originally belongs to a village near Dewas(a town near Indore) and is a farmer but also does this cracker business to get some extra profit from it. I told him that i dont think that more ppl will come now so he can just keep all his stuff inside and show them like that only to which he replied that he don’t have prb with the crackers not getting sold he just has problem with them getting spoiled. He can sell the crackers all year and that its just not the end ppl will come to buy crackers for few more days even after diwali. After around half an hour the rain stopped and i simply bought some (well not some a large no. of) crackers from him and he gave them to me for around 30-40% less then for what others got well i was feeling good. But at the same time i realized how hard life is and m thankful to god for what ever he has given to me but in this greed and selfishness we have forgotten what really life is and just have given away our duty of Humanity hope one day everyone will realize this harsh reality of our lives and start giving Life a proper respect a respect that its worth

Ankur Shrivastava


Written by Ankur

October 23, 2006 at 3:16 am

Posted in Indore, Life, Special, Stuff

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