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So m Back Again

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A hell lot of things have happened since i last blogged, Finally got my PC back and am kind enjoying my life. Played Freelancer (an old game) for whole 2 days i mean when ever i ran my PC (8-10 hours a day). But not having a Broadband connection is really making me mad and putting strain on my GPRS connection, its 9.10 GB download and 1.05 GB upload now lets see how much can i extend it till i get a Broadband at home. I will be going to BSNL office tomorrow to fill the form lets see how much time it take me to get it

Now coming to Movies, i feel like i m infected by movie virus and the problem is increasing i have started to watch more and more Movies and my hunger is increasing more and more dunno how is it going to affect me. So i was telling you about the movies, i have seen a total of 4 movies after 29th till 3rd may they are Exorcist (horror) , The Omen (horror), Batman Begins (super hero/ action) and Stay Alive (kind of video game horror) but i wont comment on the movies because i am not a person with a great knowledge of them.

So let me End my post here its good for a start.


Written by Ankur

May 4, 2007 at 2:01 am

Posted in Indore, Life, Special

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