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Damn Hot Mobile Devices

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Just read about Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition and few weeks ago this announcement GNOME Mobile and Embedded Initiative but what do they exactly mean? well let me explain it to you in simple words this would mean you would start seeing mobile device like you have never seen before i dont only mean the User Interface ( UI ) but there functionality also. These Initiatives will enable them to a hell lot of things and a cheaper price.
The Ubuntu announcement talks about kind of partnership with Intel as it says “Finally, we are delighted to be working with Intel on this version of
Ubuntu. Intel are making significant contributions of technology, people and
expertise to the project. We hope that others who are interested in
producing an easy-to-use and open source environment for this class of
device will join us in making this a success.”
This is going to be a really hot thing and its going to be released with UBUNTU 7.10
And one more thing that needs to be closely followed is OpenMoko its really a nice concept and is also expected to be released around time with Ubuntu at an expected price around US$300 more on OpenMoko later.


Written by Ankur

May 7, 2007 at 12:54 am

Posted in Life, Linux, Special

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