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Mac Mac Mac!!!!!

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Finally after so long ( well less then a week ) we (ME, DJ and Ankit) finally got Mac to work on our Lappy, as i have already told you WE ARE WORKING ON IT, i cant write more about it now have to try it, to make it work perfectly, so till then see you and well here is a snippet of that working


PS :- Its 1 o clock in night and because of the wonderful research by DJ we finally did it and please dont come asking for how you did it coz its confidential!!!!!!!!!!!
PS:-well above thing is a spoof and don’t think that i am saying that to save me from any type of trouble that above thing is a spoof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by Ankur

November 28, 2007 at 1:42 am

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LUG finally!!!!!!!!!!!

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Finally there is a Linux User Group in Manipal which will really make things a lot easy for people interested in learning about Linux and Open Source in Manipal.
So how was this group formed???
well there is this rule which does not allow new clubs to be formed in Manipal, so making a group was not an easy task there was some really great thinking and tackling done to make this LUG Manipal possible.
First meeting of the group took place on 10th of this month,So what all happened in the First Ever meeting of LUG in manipal?????
The session was scheduled to start from 5:15pm and it began on 5:20pm with the room NLH303 was almost full with people still coming after the start of the session. At first when i was told about formation of LUG first thought was not many people are going to come but as the time of the meet came close we were thinking that people might not fit in the room and if this would have happened near Diwali there would have been huge turn up enough to fill 2 rooms, Anyway there were somewhere around 80 – 90 people. So first Shubendra (3rd year) and Ayush (3rd year) came and started with what are the objectives of the group and what all they planned to do, which was followed by Explanation of Open Source Philosophy by Manish (3rd year) , which was followed by Video of Vista vs Beryl which according to most was best part, a Question Answer round was there in the end in which i jumped in 😉 and answered a lot of questions, there were some genuine questions like the audio/video codec support in Linux and some really shit questions like ” What if i get stuck while trying something on Linux and I dont have an internet connection, a phone to ask my friend for help and i dont want to look into help??? ” now what will some one answer him……..
here the end of the session was called and all the people who are interested in working on something were asked to stay back, here again there was surprise and some 35+ people stayed back for different work, which was really great

so the things LUG Manipal is working on are

  • A Linux Install Fest – infact the meeting in next semester will be the time when this will happen
  • Setting up of a Wiki ( this is the thing i am working on)
  • Setting up a Web Site of Lug manipal
  • More sessions on Linux and Open source
  • Increasing the uptake of Linux in Manipal
  • Starting up a Blog
  • There are also plan for release of a monthly magazine

so well lets see how far this goes……….. Best Of Luck everyone

Ankur Shrivastava

Written by Ankur

November 13, 2007 at 7:58 pm

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Fedora 8 the Werewolf

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So finally Fedora 8 is here and i am still confused about what to use as my base OS Ubuntu / OpenSUSE / Fedora or Debian, anyway more on that Later, so here are the First impressions……..
I booted into the Fedora 8 Live Gnome CD on my HP6515b Lapptop and the cool grub splash i was greated with the X server error and there i was searching for my pen drive for the ATI Drivers, which was no were to be seen which forced me to search for the drivers in my not so arranged data, after struggling for some minutes and mounting 2-3 drives i finally found them, after the drivers were installed everything ran fine and i was presented with a nice Gnome desktop and i really liked the wallpaper, it made every thing look great, then clicking on install to Hard Drive gave me a Ubuntu Like install Wizard. the only problem i faced was with grub boot options it should have looked for the GNU/Linux distro’s already installed (dont care/know about Windows as i dont have it) on my system but scinse in had my boot loader on MBR that was wiped clean, anyway setting up GRUB in not that hard i just reinstalled grub with my SUSE partition as root and added the Fedora entries to the menu.lst and the job was done.

Anyways overall the experience was good without any trouble (except for the drivers about which nothing can be done by them) but one problem that i face is again with my Broadcom WiFi chipset for which i will have to use ndiswrapper which is giving trouble installing, anyways i have only worked on that for 5 min but its not a big problem and will soon be solved.

Update 1 :- i formated my previous installation with 64bit DVD version

Update 2 :- WiFi problem was there because i was using ndiswrapper package build for kernel while mine was buildig ndiswrapper from the source solved the problem.

Written by Ankur

November 11, 2007 at 6:44 pm

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Mac here i come

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So after all i have a mac with me well i am /we are still working on it so as to make it work fully. It will really be fun to work on

UPDATE:- and it worked

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November 11, 2007 at 6:17 pm

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Biggest BSOD of all times

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the Bigest BSOD of all time
this was there at The Bay department store, toronto. then there is this another famous pic

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November 11, 2007 at 12:44 pm

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Happy Diwali !!!!!!!!!!

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So a happy diwali to all of you and well this diwali was kind of nice with me being the DJ at the party, i dont want to go into the details but somehow i happened to be the DJ and i was strugling because of lack of songs but Sahil and some seniors came to my rescue, and every thing went fine without me being beaten up by the crowd but anyway it a lot of fun and well this was the day before the Diwali actually Diwali is celebrated one day earlier in South India so well it was strange celebrating Diwali one day earlier. here are some pics

People were really dancing on what ever music i was playing

there was some great celebration with huge fireworks

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November 9, 2007 at 9:42 am

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So here comes 20 !!!!!!!

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wow i have installed GNU/Linux on 20 peoples Laptops and most of them are happy with it here is the names….

1) Shantanu – Ubuntu 7.04
2) Shankar – Ubuntu 7.04
3) Sahil – Ubunut 7.04
4) Ashish – Linux Mint 3.0
5) Merin – Linux Mint 3.1
6) Mayank – Linux Mint 3.1
7) Vishal – Linux Mint 3.1
8 ) Anirban – Linux Mint 3.1
9) Sohil – Ubuntu 7.04
10) Karan – Ubuntu 7.04
11) Varun – Ubuntu 7.04
12) Ravi – Ubuntu 7.04
13) Anubhav – Linux Mint 3.1
14) Verin – Linux Mint 3.1
15) Ankit – Linux Mint 3.1
16) Saurabh – Linux Mint 3.1
17) Sudhanshu – Linux Mint 3.1
18) Kunal – Ubuntu 7.04 / Fedora 7
19) Dhanjay -openSUSE 10.3
20) Varun – Ubuntu 7.04

and well i am using OpenSUSE 10.3 and Ubuntu 7.10

Written by Ankur

November 7, 2007 at 11:34 am

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