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Moved to a fully hosted

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Finally i have moved to a fully hosted WordPress 2.5 blog from my previous blog and it rocks!!!!
Hosting is provided by Racked Hosting and the plan is very big for my needs so i am sharing it with Sohil who is going to bring a blog at soon, he is planning for it right now, it will be up by tommorow.

Updates on my blog will be more regular now, i think i will be very busy this month but i wont let that come in between my blogging.

One thing about Racked Hosting — They Rock!!!!!!!!!!  the server is extremely fast, extremely efficient and at a great price
so if you are looking for hosting you know where to go……..

Racked Hosting

PS – please change the link of my blog from to in all your blogrolls …….


Written by Ankur

April 5, 2008 at 6:33 pm

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