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I reached home 2 days ago and i have already completed 1/3 of my To-Do list’s task but still a lot remains to be done.
the things that i have completed are, First setting up of a LAMP server and MediaWiki on that >> done this with a Fedora 8 based server on my desktop, it was really easy to do but i still have to learn a lot about MediaWiki as we are planning to use it for LUG Manipal’s Wiki. Second was trying to SSH form my cell >> done this by using MidpSSH as putty for symbian was giving me trouble with my E61i, i was able to do almost all the things through it like writing a simple C++ hello world program and compiling it by g++, but the best thing is that now i can run 3D effects on ati 1250 on Ubuntu 7.10 , yes i finally found a way to make it work and it works pretty well without the need to downgrade xorg but still the process comprises of things taken from here and there so the final and the best part will come up shortly, so till then bye cya
Ankur Shrivastava


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December 18, 2007 at 1:08 pm

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Back Home

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that is X121 with Dabba and my cell in b/w
So am back home and looking forward to some great things, i have my to-do list ready and hope to complete most of them in time and yew i have got my Nokia E61i and it is really a nice device will upload its pics soon, i still have to become comfortable with typing on a QWERTY phone so that i can type with my previous speed on that any way there surely are great thing to come cya….
Ankur Shrivastava

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December 16, 2007 at 11:28 am

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The Numbers

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hehe seem like Lost inspired post the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 are of some importance in Lost (i wont post a spoiler about them) so are "09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0" and people are going crazy after it, Because that code means you would be able to play HD DVD on your Linux/Free BSD boxes and probably copy them too (provided you have that much space to spare) and f you convert this Hexcode to ASCII it says “defective by design”. I am still wondering what exactly that means any idea?

Between I am still searching for someone who can give me UBUNTU 7.04 CDs not having a Broadband is killing me, I tried out Second Life today with my GPRS lol and was happy to see it was running but was taking too much time to load anything and i coudnt handel the game ( is second life a game?) for long but will try again later till them enjoy

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May 5, 2007 at 10:39 pm

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So m Back Again

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A hell lot of things have happened since i last blogged, Finally got my PC back and am kind enjoying my life. Played Freelancer (an old game) for whole 2 days i mean when ever i ran my PC (8-10 hours a day). But not having a Broadband connection is really making me mad and putting strain on my GPRS connection, its 9.10 GB download and 1.05 GB upload now lets see how much can i extend it till i get a Broadband at home. I will be going to BSNL office tomorrow to fill the form lets see how much time it take me to get it

Now coming to Movies, i feel like i m infected by movie virus and the problem is increasing i have started to watch more and more Movies and my hunger is increasing more and more dunno how is it going to affect me. So i was telling you about the movies, i have seen a total of 4 movies after 29th till 3rd may they are Exorcist (horror) , The Omen (horror), Batman Begins (super hero/ action) and Stay Alive (kind of video game horror) but i wont comment on the movies because i am not a person with a great knowledge of them.

So let me End my post here its good for a start.

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May 4, 2007 at 2:01 am

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The Diwali Experiance

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So Diwali went away and my main motive for coming home (officially) ended and i will now be returning but i still have 3-4 days with me so will njoi till i can. Ok and about the crackers and stuff i went yesterday that is 21th at around 4:00 PM to buy the crackers, yes i know it was late but its better late then never hehehe ne way i decided to go to Dushera Maidan as a large no of shops selling crackers were set up there u know the temporary type with bambo’s and Tin sheets. when i went there i found a hell lot of shopkeepers and just half the no. of buyers so u can pretty well make out the situation that was there, after going to every shop and asking the price of all the stuff that i needed there was a huge lightning some type i never ever had seen before which was followed by showers and suddenly the weather became stormy and it rained cats and dogs and there i was standing in front of this shop which was having most of the stuff kept out side. the shopkeeper quickly ran out and started to collect all his stuff and take it inside, some ppl including me which were there came into the shop just to take shelter from the rain and were watching the shopkeepers struggle the rain just to save their stuff and thus their life i don’t know what happened to me i suddenly found myself helping them and all other pll were staring at me i simply wanted to say to them WTH what do u think cant u help this man if these things get wet he’ll be ruined? i gave them an angry look and one of them came forward and helped them, luckily he suffered only a small loss as he told us “sahab mera 70 hazar ka mal tha apne mere bhout madat ki danyawad sahab” it was still raining and he continued to talk he told me that he originally belongs to a village near Dewas(a town near Indore) and is a farmer but also does this cracker business to get some extra profit from it. I told him that i dont think that more ppl will come now so he can just keep all his stuff inside and show them like that only to which he replied that he don’t have prb with the crackers not getting sold he just has problem with them getting spoiled. He can sell the crackers all year and that its just not the end ppl will come to buy crackers for few more days even after diwali. After around half an hour the rain stopped and i simply bought some (well not some a large no. of) crackers from him and he gave them to me for around 30-40% less then for what others got well i was feeling good. But at the same time i realized how hard life is and m thankful to god for what ever he has given to me but in this greed and selfishness we have forgotten what really life is and just have given away our duty of Humanity hope one day everyone will realize this harsh reality of our lives and start giving Life a proper respect a respect that its worth

Ankur Shrivastava

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October 23, 2006 at 3:16 am

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well well m finally home a m loving it. i am enjoying again and have also got improved rank from the previous one so all in all m happy. met some of my pals after a long time and had looooods of fun with them :d and i guess this is just the beginning. don’t worry i will upload the pics soon so what have i done in these 2 days well first i went out with friends for diner on 17th that is and then on 18th oooooo it was TI’s turn went there enjoyed it and well well seems like m on a movie spree now hold your breath at the time of writing this i had watched 11 movies, don’t believe me here is the count
1) Saw II
2) Final Destination I
3) Final Destination III
4) Euro Trip
5) Lage Raho Munna Bhai
6) Cars
7) Garfield
8 ) Garfield II
9) Ice Age II
10) American Pie Band Camp
11) Malamall Weekly

So i Guess i have even defeated Nikhil at Watching movies :-). Well well looking forward to some more movies Like Pirates Of The Caribbean II, Don etc etc OK so what else m i doing xpt watching movies well still a lot of things so today that is 20th oct i went to Parths house along with my computer yaaa we actually dismantled it and assembled it at his house. To have a kind of LAN party well it was fun and was happy to repeat the thing that we used to do when we were in X class.

Hey hey its diwali tomorrow and i still have not bought crackers oooohhh now i will have to roam around just to find the rite quality and price well that’s till now lets see what more life has to offer bye c ya and Happy Diwali
Ankur Shrivastava

PS- want to try Vmware on UBUNTU can some one help me on that

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October 21, 2006 at 3:51 am

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Why does all things have to happen with me

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Warning this is a long long post so please be patient while reading it if you choose to do it

I have been observing from a long time that what every changes or experimenter's that has to be done are always done with me (my batch rather). Do all people like me this much or consider me this much strong that i can withstand all this. Didn't get what i am talking about, i am talking about the changes in the courses and different patterns and stuff they have always happened with me and my batch
It all started when i was in 8th class (as far as i remember) at that time the course of Maths or Science was changed well we were not aware that much at that time. Then can class 9th and course of Maths and English was changed. Then in 10th the course of History was changed which was the biggest change for me at least because i was very much interested to study about the World Wars which was changed with Contemporary India in which i was not interested at all. Then came the biggest thing which changed me forever and i think you must have guessed about it already, yes it was me going to Kota i don't remember who gave my parents suggestion about sending me to Kota but i was sent there well not force fully but still not willingly. I was suggested that i am an average student because i got 74% in 10th not bad not good well all because of History and Hindi. I got 84% combined in Science and Maths (its not something big but still!!!!!) so was eligible for all the coaching classes as they required 75% minimum. There i spent almost 2 years of my life away from my Home my friends in Indore, away from everything but there i learned a lot i worked kind of hard (from an average persons point of view) but i still don't know what went wrong with me that i have to repeat. Well i guess i am diverting away from the post so there in Kota it a hell lot of change for me. There i was in 11th in a school there only. But then i decided to take Admission here in Indore for my 12th as many of my seniors have suggested me to do that only. Well there was as such no change in syllabus in 11th but then a change for me was there i had to take Physical Education as my subject there in DC i never have given Physical Education a thought as my subject but i had to do that there because everyone said it is not that hard you don't have to study it like other subjects. So moving forward now i was in 12th in Indore and heard the news that IIT JEE will now be only of screening type, yes mains was removed and the pattern will also be changed but th biggest news was that no 2nd, 3rd or ne other dropper will be allowed to give it was kind of happy with the decision but also sad after thinking about the people how left other good colleges thinking about JEE that year ne way they were finally allowed and the problem for freshers were increased because now the competition will be even more deadly but it was not in my hands all that i could do was to face it that was the only thing that i could do and i really did only that but somewhere something was wrong it Didn't turned out to be good, good? Not even satisfactory and the end result is here ooooooooo where m i going after that another news came that CBSE will be giving extra time of 15min for reading the paper and would also make the paper bit easy but i would all be covered up by strict marking so another change but was it really help full yes it was but because of strict marking there was as such no big effect of this for me. And now again a very very big change that i pray should only be a rumor is JEE will have screening again from next year and that too in December. Can u imagine what impact it can have it will shake the droppers even more that what an earthquake of magnitude 10 can do and again i m left with no options other then to repeat ( because i have already started preparations for it) lets just see if that change happens or not meanwhile i will be leaving for Kota on 25th that is sunday in the morning so i might blog again tomorrow but in case i wont consider this my last post for this month but don't ever think of this blog as dead because i will be back again after some 10 months i think now i must stop because i have almost reached at the end of page in writer

So bye ppl bye
Ankur Shrivastava

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June 24, 2006 at 12:34 am

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