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Making Xml dump of MySQL

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Yesterday when i was trying/searching for a way to generate XML file from PHP so as to use it in Project 11, i came across a way to make a direct database/table dump from mysql and its damn easy all you have to do is type
mysqldump -u username -p --xml databasename > data.xml
and it will dump whole database into the data.xml file enjoy!!!!
PS:- Info about Project 11 coming up…..

Written by Ankur

March 18, 2008 at 3:50 pm

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PAMP — Apache, MySql, Php on your Phone

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PAMP on Nokia E61i

PAMP, an S60 Powered Apache Web Server with PHP and MySQL is available for the S60 3rd edition phones, imagine running a WEB Server on your phone, i saw a few days ago and as i had a supported phone Nokia E61i i was well happy. The supported phone are Nokia E90, Nokia N95 8GB these have 128MB RAM and Nokaia N95 and Nokia E61i with 64MB RAM, well i guess PAMP should run on any S60 3rd Edition device as long as it has 64 MB of ram. The Installation is Simple just download the or depending on where you want your servers root to be. Unzip the file and you will have

  • pips_s60_1_2_SS.sis
  • openc_ssl.sis
  • PythonForS60_1_4_1_3rdEd.sis
  • PythonScriptShell_1_4_1_3rdEd.sis
  • pamp_with_htdocs_on_...sisx

transfer them to your cell and install them, after the install you will find pamp and connector in your phone menu, click pamp. then start pamp from [Options]->[Start]->[Pamp], when you see Apache and Mysql running, open your phone browser and goto, you will be greeted with a page that says IT WORKS….. congratulations now you have a web server running on your phone for more configuration options you can check the nokia wiki enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Written by Ankur

February 17, 2008 at 12:03 pm

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Fedora 8 Install Fest in MIT Manipal

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For the First time in History of Manipal a Linux ( Fedora 8 ) Install Fest took place on the Campus, it was organized by Linux user Group Manipal. It was Basically a 2 Day Fest, on 24th a Pre-Install Fest / Meet was there where participants were Informed about the requirements, advantages and Importance of GNU/Linux and what all we will be doing in the second day i.e. 25th , there were all information given about various events held by companies inviting students to innovate. The Day ended with the collection of DVD to be burned for 25th Main Fest and some 45+ DVD’s were collected with DVD’s still coming till start of Second day

LUG Manipal Fedora 8 Install Fest

Second day began with partitioning and distribution of DVD’s after which the main install fest began and all the steps were shown and explained, there was some DVD corruption / Improper burning but everything else was just fine, a script was prepared for upgrading Compiz and enabling 3D effects for the HP 6515b laptops, the script handled most of the task which were to be done in command line though all people were explained what it did but since most of the people were First Time users it really made the task of configuring the system very easy, rest laptops faced no problems so they directly booted in Graphical mode already being out of time the Install Fest was Finished with some problems still remaining which were solved

LUG Manipal Fedora 8 Install Fest
LUG Manipal Fedora 8 Install Fest
LUG Manipal Fedora 8 Install Fest

more photos here

Written by Ankur

January 28, 2008 at 11:40 pm

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OLPC in India

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olpc india

Above pic is form the OLPC deployment in India in Khaira, i found it when i was reading Venkatesh Hariharan’s blog he says
It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm with which the teacher, students and parents had embraced this project. Definitely one of the more fun things that I did in 2007 and something that I look forward to in 2008
well OLPC looks a promising project and well well Intel has left the project now due to some “philosophical differences” i know they joined it because AMD was there, whatever but i wont have much impact………….

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January 5, 2008 at 12:34 am

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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

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Happy new year 2008 to all of you, well i have been busy most of the time with a lot of stuff and there was a lack of bandwidth so was not able to blog but there are some good things like this

KDE 4 comming

yes KDE 4.0 is coming and i still think that i will stick with Gnome when most of my friends are saying they will go for KDE, now why is that i still dont know (maybe because it reminds me of Windows or because i am used to of interface of Gnome) whatever the reason be i plan to use it for some time and then return back to Gnome. Ok now things that i have been doing lately
tried learning PHP but left it on Day one, i know it not that hard to learn PHP and its really gr8 if you know it but still i left it for Python which i find really easy (well as of now) and hope to make something out of it, work for the automated script of Fedora 8 in complete and for Ubuntu 7.10 major portion in complete, i tried making a feed aggregator which will display all feed on a web page so as to make a blogroll but left it after i faced some problems with blogspots atom feeds and now i am using Planet for it, work on Ubuntu and Fedora repositories is almost complete with ubuntu giving strange problems sometime, i received invite from QIk but its not working for me will find a way to make it work sometime, i have also watched a large number of Episodes of different shows and well around 15 movies, well thats almost all of it now i still have around 11 days before i go back to Manipal, i hope 2008 will be a gr8 year for me and you
Happy New Year to all again, now i will go and watch a movie
Ankur Shrivastava

Written by Ankur

January 2, 2008 at 1:02 am

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Fedora 8 on HP 6515b

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Well i have installed Fedora 8 now and well i was facing the usual problems, install proceeded well in text mode without any problems but on booting after the ATI driver install i was presented with a console login that is no xserver started and then started the problem with WiFi, ndiswrapper wont install it took me no time to find that the kernel version was different of the rpm package of ndiswrapper that i had, so i went about every were searching for it but was not able to find what i was looking for so finally i had to go for compiling of ndiswrapper from source.This done i was left with a text only system i mean i can always start xserver by typing startx after logging in but i wont boot on startup, so i was think a way to get gdm to start on system startup and there i was searching for the rc scripts i remember reading about them in Slack Book, after adding gdm to the rc.local file i was now happily using Laptop with Fedora

ok so lets come to the point how exactly did i solved these problems for installing ATI driver i have already explained it earlier here and here , so now moving to ndiswrapper
you need to download the source code (the .tar.gz file) from well from any other computer if you have net access only by WiFi, after u have the tar.gz file copy it to any folder like your home folder ( /home/<username>/ ) now simply right click on it and select extract here, now you have a directory with all the files of source code but to compile the source you will need to install some more software from the DVD for this go to Add/Remove Software in the Applications menu, enter your root password when it will open it will give you error saying something like Repository could not be updated so go to repositories in that and let the tick be there only in front of Install Media remove that tick from every other option, here select Development then tick Development Tools (remove them after compiling if you wont use them), after that go to Search tab and select All packages, there search for ‘Kernel headers’ you will find a package with name of Kernel-headers – select that, click apply it will ask you for the DVD insert it and packages will be installed, now you can happily compile your ndiswrapper source

For compiling open up a Terminal from Applications >> System Tools >> Terminal type ‘ su ‘ , enter your password now type
cd /home/<user name>/<name of ndiswrapper directory>/

now when in the ndiswraper directory type
make uninstall
to remove any previous non working installs of ndiswrapper, after that type
here you if you see a error then you probably dont have the correct/complete source or are missing a required package, if it proceeds without a error which it will then you just need to install ndiswrapper type
make install
your work is now over you just need to install the windows driver by the method which i have described here all done now let us proceed to the xserver problem

For this just login as root ( which i wont prefer but is best for this time ) and type ‘ startx ‘ at the prompt after logging in then go to /etc/ in the file browser there right click on ‘ inittab ‘ file and select open with “Text Editor” in the file there will be some thing written as
change that to
and save the file, reboot and you will be greeted by a nice Fedora Infinity Screen enjoy!!!!

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December 5, 2007 at 12:19 am

Biggest BSOD of all times

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the Bigest BSOD of all time
this was there at The Bay department store, toronto. then there is this another famous pic

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November 11, 2007 at 12:44 pm

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