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Silverlight comming to Nokia Phones

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Silverlight                Nokia E61i

Nokia announced to make Silverlight the Flash alternative being pushed by Microsoft, avaliable for Symbian S60, S40 and Internet Tablet Devices, which will be available by the year end. it means people with Nokia Devices will be able to see content, notably video, written for Silverlight.

“This is an important relationship on so many levels. Working with Nokia means we are easily able to reach a huge number of mobile users, including customers of all S60 licensees. This is a significant step in gaining broad acceptance for Silverlight and ensuring it is platform agnostic. This is critical since we want to make sure developers and designers don’t have to constantly recreate the wheel and build different versions of applications and services for multiple operating systems, browsers and platforms,” said S. Somasegar, Senior Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer Division.

I certainly dont know what gonna happen but i think Microsoft is just trying hard to make Silverlight appealing to developers by making it available on a large number of platforms as different edditions for Windows, Mac, Linux and cell phones. All the main features of Silverlight, including video and interactive Web application development, will be included in all mobile versions.

Source: Nokia


Written by Ankur

March 6, 2008 at 11:29 pm